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Space Hobos launches into orbit!

The query process has begun. Letters sent to prospective agents. Now to wait . . . A galactic adventure rife with cultural relevance in today’s political and social media driven climate, Space Hobos launches the reader into a plausible sci-fi drama and never drops out of orbit. For quite a […]


Another WIP. Someday I will finish them all. This one is inspired by a screenplay written by myself and Lewie Spearman back in 1999. Here is the blurb: In January 2000, Elvis Presley’s 65th birthday approaches. A small-time thief, Bruce Stevens, discovers the credit card he just stole actually belongs […]

An Hour for Magic

“Look….I don’t want to even delve into the plot…..I want other readers to jump right into this refreshing thriller without anything being spoiled. Fulkerson has a gift….his visuals are on par with Stephen King. His characters are fresh and all too human. This was a great read and I can’t […]

Forget Me Not

A story that has been on the back burner for several years. I have been working on this one while juggling three other projects at the same time (Space Hobos, Pieces of Me, and Cabin Fever). Eventually one of these stories will be finished and available for you to enjoy. […]


Two families, one apocalypse. When society breaks down after a worldwide pandemic, two families set out from opposite sides of the country in search of a safe haven. Two separate stories running parallel on an inevitable collision course until the two families finally cross paths. Forever changed, they each realize […]