Justin Fulkerson was born in Lubbock, Texas on March 5, 1976. His literary tastes turned from science fiction (Isaac Asimov) to horror (Stephen King, of course) at the innocent age of twelve years old. His outlook on life was forever changed by the experience and his mind suffered the consequences. The creatures and scenarios running through his imagination forced him to begin his first novel while still in high school (Text of the Unforgiven).

So, the years passed and Justin decided to market his shorter stories upon Amazon. His most successful stories sold well. Unfinished Business, first published in 2012,took readers into the path of an elderly serial killer obsessed with the one victim that got away. In 2014, An Hour for Magic arrived, consuming his every thought until the first 500 pages were transferred to paper. The next two in the series, Hollow be thy Name and An Hour for Maggie completed the tale. In 2017, Hallowed Ground took Justin’s mind into the realm of Zombie fiction. With several more novels in the works, Justin hopes that the world can survive long enough to enjoy the fruits of his imagination.

After years of working for others, he finally decided to dedicate time to the craft that he loves. Justin has been working for a big box retailer for the last twenty-one years while focusing on his writing career in his spare time. He has been married to his beautiful wife, Mary Ellen, for twenty-one years and they have two crazy children. A native Texan, he wants to prove to the world that intelligent people do reside there.

Justin is a member of the Horror Writers Association.

Recently, the Italian Language Rights to his story Unfinished Business were purchased by VirgiBooks for distribution in Italy.

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