Just take the time . . .

Thanks for joining me!

Since the beginning of time, Man has passed on history in the form of storytelling. Stories have formed us as a species since we made the first cave drawings by firelight. Luckily, today we have the internet to help us spread the folklore and stories that overflow from our minds. The problem now is the overabundance of distractions. Whether it be television, internet, social media or mental illness, there are too many excuses not to sit down and READ a book. Reading gives us an escape from the everyday stresses of our lives and lets us explore from the comfort of our homes without judgement or fear. Let us all join together to form a movement, a movement to dedicate time daily to READING! It isn’t that hard and it sometimes is a hell of a ride. I hope to bring my readers away from their lives and into the lives of totally strangers, to see, feel and experience empathy for them. Sometimes we have to take a step back to see how many possible worlds there are out there.

“I am a writer. Therefore, I am not sane.”  -Edgar Allan Poe

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