KOYAANISQATSI ko.yan.nis.qatsi (from the Hopi Language)

n. 1. crazy life. 2. life in turmoil. 3. life out of balance. 4. life disintegrating.
5. a state of life that calls for another way of living.

The idea for this story came about several years ago. For years, I wanted to write a story about what would have happened in 1962 if the Cuban Missile Crisis had not been defused and nuclear Armageddon rained down upon civilization. Then, being a JFK assassination researcher since high school, I began to wonder what would have happened to Lee Harvey Oswald had he not had the opportunity to assassinate JFK that fateful day in Dallas on November 22, 1963.

So, I came up with the premise. What if Oswald were a survivor of the atomic holocaust while living in Dallas? What perils would he face in the aftermath? Who would he meet?

Then, I happened across a Hopi Indian prophecy about Pahana, the True White Brother and the Great Purification and it all suddenly made sense. Lee Oswald would be the True White Brother with Jim Morrison and Charles Manson as the two mighty and wise assistants that help him save the world from certain annihilation by an alien culture.

Here is the blurb I came up with for the book details:

On October 25th, 1962, when the world ended, Lee Harvey Oswald was an unknown failure seeking attention he thought he deserved. Oswald awakens in the rubble, finding supplies and shelter for a while before fleeing Dallas in pursuit of an ominous figure called Phoenix that has risen from the ashes to form a new society. Local night-club owner, Jack Ruby, tells Oswald that Phoenix has brought with him a glowing book of knowledge from the future that says Oswald was supposed the kill JFK. So, Oswald sets out to find out why his future was taken from him. Through radio broadcasts, reminiscent of Tokyo Rose during World War II, Phoenix is represented as a savior. But, Phoenix is actually a time/reality travelling demon bent on destroying the human race and returning control of our planet to the alien life forms that brought us here in the beginning of time. 

Outside of Mineral Wells, Texas Oswald meets White Feather, an old Hopi Indian Shaman. White Feather explains that Oswald is the Lost White Brother that has returned to bring about the Great Purification. He tells Oswald that there are two others that will join him to bring about the Hopi Prophesy. Oswald sets out on this life-changing journey and picks up a nineteen year-old Florida State University student named Jim Morrison, who carries with him the symbol of the Sun. Then, they come across twenty-eight year-old Charles Manson, who escaped from McNeil Island Prison after the bombs dropped.

While hiding from military and renegade forces overtaking the country, they set out to fulfill the Hopi Prophesy and save the world from the destructive powers of the Phoenix. These three characters have a chance to redeem themselves for acts that they have not even committed.

Sounds crazy, right? An alternate history story that needs to be told. The anti-heroes become the saviors of the entire world. I had an old LIFE magazine that contained Oswald’s entire journal that he kept during his time in the Soviet Union in the late 50’s. The magazine contained facsimiles of his diary along with printed versions. This gave me another idea. I decided to write the entire story from Oswald’s perspective in diary form. I went through his journal and copied down every misspelled word so that I could replicate his writing style down to the letter.

The most valuable tool I found was an actual Font of Oswald’s handwriting. I was able to print the entire story in Oswald’s writing to make it even more authentic. The only problem was that there was no way to submit a digital copy to anyone for perusal because no one possessed the correct font to view it in. I came up with the solution. I would make scans of pages to include in the printed story as evidence photos, adding even more to the authenticity.

Example of Oswald Handwriting font

I wanted to make the story longer and more in-depth, but I am satisfied with how it turned out. Check it out if you get a chance. Koyaanisqatsi us available now for .99 cents on Amazon.


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