Hallowed Ground Audio book available now. . .

. . . just in time for Halloween! Time to curl up with some horror and a few zombies! Dana Rae lends her amazing talent to narrate this dark tale focusing on the struggles faced when a trio find themselves isolated in a cabin with apocalypse looming on the horizon.

Donald Bristo served his country for eight years and PTSD is all he has to show for his service. But, when a zombie outbreak occurs, Donald must go into survival mode and rescue Sister Mary Frances and her young nun in training, Christine. Taking them to his family hunting cabin in the woods, he prepares to teach them the skills they will need to survive while battling his own demons. As the women face an uncertain future, they must also come to terms with their pasts. Christine begins to doubt Donald’s integrity and Sister Mary Frances finds herself questioning her faith because of the feelings she has for Donald.

Here is a review of the novel from Dan Hubbard of T.A.C.D. Radio:

Justin Fulkerson has really hit his groove here. He has taken a genre that has been explored from almost every angle and found a unique and refreshing facet. He then took that gem and polished the hell out of it. This story is a bright beacon of creativity in a dark sea of zombie corpses.

The story begins with a zombie outbreak fresh underway. Donald, a war veteran with PTSD, helps two nuns, Christine and Mary Frances escape the town. The trio makes their way to a secluded cabin, where they prepare to wait out the end of days.

Fulkerson weaves this story fantastically using each character’s perspective and flashbacks. Each character has a secret in their past that becomes important as the story progresses. Fulkerson has a gift for making the reader believe the narrative is actually from each character. I don’t know how he can convincingly express how a nun is feeling, or how a young woman dealing with addiction feels, or how a war vet deals with coming back stateside, but he sure pulls it off.

The thing I like the most about this book is that the zombies are not the focus here. While they certainly are an element in the story, the main driving force here is the interactions between the three main characters. How they deal with isolation, faith, fear, and betrayal becomes much more interesting than how they deal with zombies.

And oh…..there’s a few twists and turns. But I won’t spoil that here….

Justin Fulkerson has really become a polished author. While I enjoyed his previous works, it is very evident that he has picked up some new tricks along the way. This book is his most refined one yet. His dialogue has gotten crisp and his visuals are fantastic. This is my favorite book he has written…..so far.

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