The Oxford Dictionary defines crossroads as “A point at which a crucial decision must be made that will have far-reaching consequences.”

In the mid-90s I became hooked on The Doors. When I found out that Jim Morrison had some books of poetry out there, I eventually found them and ate up every twisted apocalyptic verse.  From that point forward Morrison has been a major influence in my writing career.  I took many of my titles from his works, including (but not limited to): Text of the Unforgiven, Translations of the Divine, and An Hour for Magic. I would also structure scenes around verses of his poetry.  His inspiration can be found throughout my work. His gritty interpretation of the world around us opened my eyes to the power of imagery.    

For those familiar with my work, you will recognize my use of crossroads frequently. Years ago, around 2007 when I was working on my first novel, a few verses of Jim Morrison poetry from Wilderness stuck with me.

The Crossroads

A place where ghosts

Reside to whisper into

The ears of travelers &

Interest them in their fate.

And this one caught my eye and the two just seemed to fit together.

I am the guide to the labyrinth

Come & see me

In the green hotel

Rm. 32

I will be there after 9:30 p.m.

These two verses along with several others inspired my creation of The Crossroads Motel that makes appearances in Text of the Unforgiven, Translations of the Divine, Hollow be Thy Name: An Hour for Magic II.  The Crossroads also appears in Freckles the Clown as the name of a local bar.

It was only fitting to choose the name Crossroads for this collection of dark tales.

Our lives consist of numerous crossroads. Every decision we make leads to a new one needing to be made. The cycle continues over and over. Did we make the right one?  Did we take the right turn? What ifs abound as we ponder what would have happened if we had made this decision instead of that. Many of us will never know the truth.

Are strangers thrown together by fate or coincidence? Does destiny or fate really exist? Are we really in control of the decisions we make?

You be the judge as you dive into these tales of paranoia and the dark side of human nature. Collected for the first time, each of these 6 tales delves into fears, torment, paranoia and destiny.

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