A story that has been on the back burner for several years. I have been working on this one while juggling three other projects at the same time (Space Hobos, Pieces of Me, and Cabin Fever). Eventually one of these stories will be finished and available for you to enjoy.

Tim and his friend Lee go to investigate an abandoned graveyard on Halloween night. Lee has just been blown off by the girl he likes and Tim feels bad for him. When they arrive at the graveyard, Lee reveals that he has murdered the girl and used Tim’s baseball bat to do it. He tells Tim he has to help him get rid of the body or he is going to jail.

Suddenly, a dark winged creature swoops down from the sky and bashes Lee’s brains in with the bat. It locks eyes with Tim and whispers ‘Forget Me Not’ before disappearing into the night.

Tim is ultimately arrested and hears rumors about his father being committed to a mental institute years before.

Convicted of the double murder and knowing no one will believe his story, Tim serves his time in prison. Upon release, he is determined to learn the truth about his father and the ghostly figure of ‘Forget Me Not’

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