An Hour for Magic

“Look….I don’t want to even delve into the plot…..I want other readers to jump right into this refreshing thriller without anything being spoiled. Fulkerson has a gift….his visuals are on par with Stephen King. His characters are fresh and all too human. This was a great read and I can’t wait to return to his world soon. Fulkerson deserves to have this story catch fire……it’s that good.”

Dan Hubbard, T.A.C.D. Radio

I am like any other reader of fiction and cringe when someone compares a story to the work of the master, Stephen King. But I guess these reviews stem from the volumes of his work that I read as a child. When I started writing, I realized that a great writer does not only use words to tell a story, he/she uses emotions and feelings. If you want to touch people, you have to draw on their past experiences and make them identify with characters. Whether good or bad.

An Hour for Magic (also available here) has a plethora of characters to identify with. Originally I wanted 1000 characters in the story . . .

“When the true king’s murderers are allowed to roam free, a thousand magicians arise in the land.”

Jim Morrison, American Prayer

. . .but soon realized that it would not be feasible to squeeze that many into one book and still make sense.

“Watching the many characters Fulkerson introduces in this book grow and develop and following each their journey through vivid hardship and satisfying triumph has been an inspirational experience, especially for a young writer. The plot is gripping and suspenseful and the world he creates is both magical and terrifying. Where this book shines brightest is its character development. I never felt indifferent towards any of the massive amount of character he introduces and that is an extremely hard task to accomplish. I would recommend this book to anyone ready to go on a roller-coaster of excitement, filled with tears, laughs, and plenty of moments you won’t forget.”

Samuel , Amazon Review December 22, 2016

I decided long ago that I was going to write the type of story that I would want to read. I imagine a reader, searching for the light at the end of the tunnel. In order to reach said light, you have to follow a path and hurdle a few obstacles, but it is invigorating to experience. Experiencing the story and feeling what the characters feel is what makes it worthwhile. No one is perfect and even the most chivalrous character has flaws. We are all human, after all.

The most important part in a storytellers journey is the reader. Without the reader there is no one to hear/feel the story. Authors need the reader to spread their impression of a story, through reviews, in order to garner more readers who will connect with the story. You are the most important aspect. Without you, the words fall on deaf ears.

So, I ask you, take the time. Take the few minutes to write your impression, good or bad, by leaving a review. It keeps the writer writing.

“Great journey through the paranormal and the macabre. Fulkerson weaved a great opening chapter in what appears to be an exciting series. With visceral characters and tumultuous plot, you have to stay tuned in to the saga as the characters converge in one city and fight it out for the future of mankind. I look forward to Hollow Be Thy Name!!”

Amazon Customer, March 29, 2017
Also available here:

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