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In January 2000, Elvis Presley’s 65th birthday approaches.
A small-time thief, Bruce Stevens, discovers the credit card he just stole actually belongs to Elvis Presley. When he tries to use it and it works, he goes on a spending spree, partying with friends.
On his trail is Lee Davis, an obsessed Elvis collector is determined to get his hands on the card to trade it in order to reclaim his birthright, a nickel-plated .38 caliber revolver with black pearl grips customized with the letters TCB and a lightning bolt. The gun was given to Lee’s father by Elvis himself when Lee was a child. The promise of it being passed down to him was shattered when his father sold it instead. He desperately wants it back and will do whatever it takes to reacquire it.
Meanwhile, Elvis comes out of hiding to protect his identity, finding Bruce and demanding the card back. The King is not prepared to take no for an answer.
All hell breaks loose.

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