As I continue to search for the correct literary agent to represent my dark fiction, I have several tales in the works that will hopefully be added to the mix soon. The most exciting prospect so far has been my newest foray into horror titled: The Branding Ax. I am keeping the details to myself, but I will say this, it is going to be a wild bloody ride. It will definitely be added to titles to submit to agents for representation when finished. Here is a glimpse at a concept cover that I designed should I end up self-publishing in the future. The illustration is titled “Forest Demon” by Jakub Javora. He was kind enough to allow me to use it for this project.

Also coming soon, Space Hobos. After numerous rejections by literary agents, this one will more than likely be available soon when I decide to self-publish it. The story of Henry and his rag-tag group of hobo friends as they are forced to take part in colonizing Mars is a statement about our world today and the blind-eye we turn to the homeless epidemic. Keep an eye on the sky for this one. Concept cover below:

Besides those two, I am still working on previously mentioned projects, Cabin Fever (with Dan Hubbard co-authoring), Forget Me Not, Pieces of Me, and the gut-wrenching final chapter of the An Hour for Magic saga, Hollow Beast. Keep checking back for updates and thanks for the support. Below is a comparison between the cover for An Hour for Magic I and IV. I wanted to give the impression that this final book signals the end of the illusion.

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